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Guess who’s back, back again… Elo’s back, tell a friend.

I just reached 12K followers, and I want to celebrate it with you, sweeties. Because you deserve more than a hug.

This giveaway contains:

 ★ The new Catching Fire inspired mockingjay pin. The Odds Will Be Deffo On Your Favor. (x)

 ★  A Timelord pocket watch. Time will be in your hands.

 ★ A brand new Supernatural T-Shirt. (Don’t worry sweeties, the size won’t be a problem)
 ★ A signed picture of Tom Hiddleston. HIS FUCKING HANDSOME BRITISH HANDS TOUCHED IT.
 ★ A Tardis stainless Lunch Box. Bigger on the inside, yo. (x)
 ★ A Gryffinclaw scarf. ‘Cause loving just one house is way too mainstream.

★ The new collection of The Avengers Colognes, including Loki’s; Mischief. (x)

    ✰ Cap’s: Patriot. May contain freedom.

    ✰ Tony’s: Mark VII.Stand up to sonsofabitch.

    ✰ Hulk’s: SMASH!Forget science. Smash things.

    ✰ Thor’s: Worthy. Feel like a demigod.

    ✰ Loki’s: Mischief. Will you kneel before it?

    ✰ Nick Fury’s: Infinity formula. RULE ‘EM ALL.

    ✰ Widow’s: F.S.R.E. Just like in Budapest.

★ Rules & Requirements:

    ✰ You’re not Tom Hiddles, so you must be following me, at least until the giveaway ends.

    ✰ If you have any question, leave it here <3.

    ✰ I ship absolutely everywhere, including Narnia, Asgard and Hogwarts.

    ✰ Likes count.

    ✰ If the winner does not appear after 48 hours, I’ll  choose another.

✰ I’ll choose a winner December the 24th.

May the gods be ever in you favor!

✰PLUS: If this gets 35K, I’ll add my precious Gryffindor robe.

UPDATE: Now that you have finally reached 35K, I propose you something; reach 50K and I’ll add my Katniss & Peeta pillows and 6 Fandom - Inspired Nail Polish Bottles. (IDK, just tell me your faves and I’ll buy them!)

Packs count too! <3 (Superwhoavengelock, Team Free Will, The Golden Trio…)

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I started drawing something…
I need to go to the store tomorrow and pick up a colored pencil blender before I do anything else…



Finally finished this :)

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Late-night art



I opened my notebook to start my chemistry homework but then the lower half of Courtney Love’s face happened

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I decided to draw Shifty… 

My mom said “holy shit you need to take a graphic arts class”

I think I shall 



So I painted squidwards “bold and brash” today. And that’s ALL I did today.

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